December 1, 2014

Bag of the Month Club 2015

Hi ladies!!  Sara has given us the details to the Bag of the Month Club 2015. 
Read all about it here and sign up for the fun!

Hey everyone! I am very excited that today, pre-orders are going on sale for the Bag of the Month Club for 2015! If you are not familiar with the club, please click here to view the club offerings for 2014 so you can get a taste of the quality of bag patterns that are in store for you in 2015!

The Details

6 of the best bag sewing pattern designers in the business are teaming together to bring you a 6-month membership club. The club runs from January-June of 2015. Each month, you will receive an exclusive and brand-new pdf bag sewing pattern from that month’s designer, delivered directly to your inbox. If you are familiar with even one of the designers, then you know that you can expect a high-quality and easy-to-understand sewing pattern each month! The bag designs will be a mystery until each pattern is revealed every month. We promise, they will definitely be worth the wait! The patterns will be exclusive to the club for the duration. Each pdf pattern will be delivered on the 1st of the month, and will include detailed instructions, illustrations/photos, and templates needed to make the bag pattern. If you join after the club begins, you will receive all patterns released to the club up until that point (for instance, if you join on February 14th, you will receive the patterns for January and February automatically).


We are all so excited for you to join us! The one-time fee for 6 months of Bag of the Month Club is $40, during which time you will receive 6 pdf bag sewing patterns. HOWEVER, if you sign up during the month of December 2014, you will receive an early-bird membership fee of only $35! The club runs from January through June of 2014. The club is a great value; pdf bag sewing patterns usually cost around $10 each, and you will be receiving 6 patterns for only $40 (or $35 in December)!

The Designers

January - Samantha from Sewing Patterns with Mrs. H. is a Welsh pattern designer with a group of pretty yet practical bags in her pattern library. I heard about January's bag design and I was very excited, as it's a piece of purse hardware that I have never used before, but always wanted to. Look out for January's bag, as it's going to be amazing!

February - Sara Lawson is up for February. She likes bags with a lot of pretty details, and we had a lot of requests last time for smaller bags, so she is going to see what she can come up with! "Smaller bags are challenging for me to design, but I'm up for it!"

March - Anna from Noodlehead has many versatile free tutorials and paid patterns on her site, many of which are wildly popular with quilters! Anna's first book is due out in February, called Handmade Style: 24 Must-Have Basics to Stitch, Use, and Wear.

April - Janelle of Emmaline Bags. Janelle has a thriving pattern business, where she also sells all the hardware, handles, and interfacing needed to make the bag patterns in her shop. Janelle's first book is coming out in 2015.

May - Betz White is a bag designer and textile artist, and she is the author of three books, most recently Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew and Bestow. You can find her patterns available on-line in her pattern shop, as well as her video classes on Creative Bug and Craftsy.

June - Chris of Chris W. Designs is an Australian bag pattern designer, and Chris has sewing patterns available for various skill levels. Her linky party, Bag Brag Tuesday, is also great for linking up your finished projects and seeing what everyone else is making!

How Do I Join?

All you have to do to join is click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below, and you will be able to sign up and pay for the club via Paypal. Also join us on Facebook and Flickr for photo shares of members’ bags and member questions!

 Add to Cart

Current Subscriber Notes:

"All patterns will be sent automatically on the 1st of the month using automated software. If your Paypal e-mail address is different from the e-mail where you would like to receive the patterns, just drop me a line and I will make that adjustment. If you feel that you have missed a mailing (please check your spam folder also!), or you have a question about the club, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at any time and I will work quickly to solve any issues! sara(at)sewsweetness(dot)com. Thank you!"


November 5, 2014

Enter to Win Bag Bling - New Handbag Hardware! CLOSED

If you have been following on here or facebook, you will know that I have listed some new large metal "handmade" hanging tags for your bags & satchels. These will hang from a leather lace, cord, or fabric loop that co-ordinates with your handmade bag.

Yesterday I put up a mini-tutorial to show you how to sew up your own fabric loop. You can find that tutorial HERE. Or, you can PIN it for future reference by clicking HERE!!

I am pretty proud of this design, and I consider these "Bag Jewellery". They are like a shiny broach, that gives any handmade bag a nice shiny focal point, while boasting "handmade".  You can read more about how awesome I think they are in the tutorial, this post is about a GIVEAWAY!

FIVE of you will win 2 Hanging Tags each!
and ONE of you will win $10.00 store credit.
Enter in the Rafflecopter widget below between now and Sunday, Nov 9th, 2014, by midnight (MST). Winners will be announced Nov 10th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all of you. Watch here for more prizes and new products and sewing patterns.
Thank you!


November 4, 2014

How to Make a Strap for a Metal Hanging Tag - A Tutorial

I am so thrilled with these bag tags!  They are going to look awesome hanging from a bag strap ring on any medium to large size bag or even from the strap loops on The Totes Ma Tote bag pattern. They are shiny nickel and HUGE. Handmade is something to be proud of and share!

Metal Hanging Tags from

At first, I just designed these because I love the sparkle and shine and the addition of a focal point, that is often missing on a bag, but then I realized that these will actually help custom bag makers attract customers too! If you sell gorgeous looking bags, sometimes its hard to carry your own and advertise at the same time, because they look so professional. Customers will first love the bag, see the tag and probably ask you if you made it yourself.

I don't sell bags, but I love to carry handmade and I don't think the commercial bag designers should be the only ones to make and carry something shiny.  I like my bag jewellery!

You could hang them from a leather cord, some recycled vinyl or leather straps or make some professional looking fabric straps from some fabric that coordinates with your new handmade bag.

Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a slender fabric strap of your own.  It ends up only 1/4" wide!

Fabric Requirements & Cutting: 

Cut 1 rectangle 1" x 14" of coordinating light to medium quilting weight cotton, decor cotton, or sateen.


Press your fabric strip like you would for an open-ended 4-fold strap.
1) Press the the strip in half, wrong sides together, down the length of the strap.
2) Fold the outside edges to meet the center at the fold line you created in step 1.

3) Fold the strip in half, once again, meeting the long pressed edges together. Press.
4) Open out the strap folds and fold in half, right sides together to form a loop. Important:  Make sure the strap is not twisted!  
5) Sew across the ends with a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seam open and refold strap. **See an alternative for thicker fabrics below.)

**Alternative for Joining:If you are using thicker fabric, or want a smoother joining seam with less bulk, join the ends of the strip using a 45-degree seam. (This would be the same method you use for joining bias binding strips.) Fold the strip so that the ends are crossed at a 90-degree, right sides together. Make sure the ends of the strap extend about 1/4". Sew across the straps at a 45-degree angle starting and stopping where the strips meet at the edges - not at the end points of the strap. See diagram (1) below. Trim off the corners, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seam open and refold strap.

6) Sew the open edge of the loop closed, edgestitching about 1/16" away from the edge. Go slow and make it neat! If you are uncomfortable being so close to the edge, you could always move over ;).

Perfect Edgestitching!

7) Insert a small section of the loop through the opening in your Metal Hanging Tag and the take the other end of the loop and pass it through the loop that is poking up through the tag. 

8) To attach this to a strap ring on a bag - repeat Step 7, inserting the end of the loop without the tag through the strap o-ring, making it big enough to allow the hanging tag to go through, and pass the hanging tag through the loop.

I hope you love this bag bling as much as I do. They are so luxurious and professional looking, but also a great way to brag out your amazing handmade project.  Handmade IS chic and professional TOO!

Get a 10% discount on quantities of 10

Thank you for reading!

Make sure you join the Emmaline Sewing Patterns Group to get some great bag inspiration from items sewn from Emmaline patterns. It's such a wonderful group!



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