February 2, 2012

New Sewing Pattern: The Teardrop Bag

Updated:  This pattern is available at my shop HERE.

Yay!! My new, and first of many,  PDF sewing pattern is all ready to go.  It's all done and ready to put up on the website and the online markets for sale!

All I have to do is tweak a few shop photos, and write my item description!  I'll get that done tonight, but in the mean time, I can't resist posting a photo.

I really do need some photos of the bags on a model, and would LOVE them taken at the beach.  I'm just waiting for the next sunny day and a very fun photo shoot will ensue!

What do you think of the first page?

Now, I'm off to see The Muppets with my sweet little boy. 
Thanks for looking,

Updated!  I was able to get some photos taken with a model (my gorgeous friend Rawinia).  Although they are not at the beach like I first imagined, I think the garden looks fab!


  1. Janelle, That looks great, you must be so excited to see it in print. Yes, it would be good to see it on a model to get an idea about the size of the bag.

    Good luck with this and your many more to come PDF's.


    1. Hi Natalie I love your blog!

      Thank you for the best wishes! Yes, a model is a must because the bags are much, much larger than they look. I might get to that today, if I can find a free friend!

      Thank you so much for visiting.


  2. Like this bag style , so beautiful, and you Can take a look at this website:http://www.lovebag-topshop.co.uk/


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