March 7, 2012

Why Walk When You Can Fly: A very "ducky" message from Lisa McManus Lange

Lisa McManus Lange, is not only a very good friend of mine (best friends for 25 years in fact!), but also a very inspirational writer.  Lisa's words inspire me daily and I just have to share her latest blog post, Why Walk When You Can Fly, with you.  Loved it!  I hope it will make you smile, ponder, walk, waddle or FLY!   Please hop over to her blog where she writes weekly about writing, inspiration, writing inspiration... and daily life.  Ok, that is not well written, but SHE is the writer (among many other talents, including anything handmade) not me!  ... I just play one in a blog.

Please be inspired weekly by following her awesome blog:

Thank you for looking,

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