January 29, 2012

Welcome To the Emmaline Blog!

What's Happening...

Welcome to all of my new followers and Facebook fans, it's great to have you here!  This blog is going to be filling out a little more over the next few weeks. I have some great tips for beginner sewers and bag makers that will hopefully give you one of those "AHA!" moments where you say, "Oh that's how you do it, it's that easy". 

Stay tuned because over the next couple of weeks I'll be adding PDF patterns, and more free tutorials! These will all be announced on my Facebook page.

I'll also be putting links and write-ups to some of your great businesses on my blog. Message me you you want to be featured.

My Latest Addiction...

Are any of you on Pinterest?  I've looked a few times, and requested an account awhile ago and when my application was approved... nothing... I left it for more serious, time pressing issues.  Ok, Ok,  I was sewing.  But yesterday, I clicked over to it and started some boards and just couldn't stop pinning and pinning.  I have a lot of items in my Favourites on ETSY, and they got pinned. Some places I want to get to some day, they got pinned. I pinned my bags, I pinned projects I want to make, I even pinned some soap in the shape of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  If you want a fun way to make lists of your favourite things, or just want to see someone else's - go to Pinterest.

Thank you for looking,


January 27, 2012

Sew an Easy Zipper Pocket Method 1- A Tutorial

Do you want to try an internal zipper pocket?  Everyone needs an internal zipper pocket in their purse or handbag, but a lot of sewers are hesitant to try. Is the zipper pocket scaring you off? It’s actually pretty easy. There are a few methods that I use, but this one is by far the easiest. It has the fewest pieces and the least amount of fiddling. Give it a try and tell me how you go! 

January 26, 2012

How To Sew Bag Straps - A Tutorial

Making straps for your purse or handbag is very easy, and kind of fun actually!  This is just a quick tutorial to get you through the basics. You can experiment with lengths, widths, and fabrics. Later, when you get adventuresome, you can add O-rings, D-rings, sliders, and lobster clips.  I just love the results, and they turn out so professional looking!

A typical handle length your bag strap is anywhere from about 18" to 26".  I will let you decide how long yours will be.  For my Teardrop Bag (pattern coming soon) I cut my strap at 20” long, which is quite short, but for a heavy bag, I find a shorter handle stays on your shoulder better. It’s a personal preference thing!
Handbag Straps - I love making them!

January 23, 2012

First Pattern Nearly Ready!

Or... at least the first page is!

I've got the cover or first page of my pattern ready... and I'm about half way done writing my first pattern.

Oh, I had some major bumps, hurdles and seam ripping happening yesterday, don't get me wrong.  Ripped thread was flying everywhere and my poor dog was so stressed from following me from machine, to cutting mat, to ironing board and back to machine again that he finally gave up with a big grunt and a hurrumph and left me to my business. He plopped himself down on the floor in the middle of the sewing room and didn't move until my first cheer of "Yay!" And then he ran straight for me saying "Are we done? Are we done?"  "No Toohey, we are not done."

Plan C is working and after a few more days I should have the first Emmaline pattern out.  I hope.
How do you like the look of this?

Thx Janelle

January 20, 2012

What's in a name?

What's in your name?
Why there's Emma and Line
Of course

Neither Emma-Jean
nor Emma-Bean.
Not Emma-Dean
or Emma-Lean.

Almost Caroline
nearly Elmoline.
Practically EmmaVine
and Emmashine.
Hinting on Emmalign...
but completely Emmaline!

January 15, 2012

Big Moves Happening!

I can't stop daydreaming about what I want Emmaline to be someday and about everything I have to do to get it there, and I think it's time for Emmaline to start moving towards my end goal. There will be some changes. Not a sudden, big change, not a fast change, just little, slow changes made with "baby steps" that will eventually add up to something pretty massive! Oh, and one gigantic step around the globe... 

The first change is in business direction:  From now on, every bag, purse, and tote, etc., I make will be completely my own design and pattern.  I'm going to create handbags and purses with the process of pattern making and reproduction in mind as I do it.   All of my patterns will be available in my shop via .pdf file and hopefully, in the future, in other shops as well. I'll also slowly evolve my site into one that sells handbag hardware and handles, and my blog into one that provides free sewing tutorials.  I love the idea of tutorials!  We all need help and we all need to pick up those handy sewing tips and tricks somewhere.
I've had to switch to a new blog provider so I can have more editing and formatting options.  This blog is going to have tutorials with photos included and links to free downloads and the blog that comes with my website provider can't support this. So a handy link on my website is all everyone will need to find my blog on Blogspot.  (Hands clasped in prayer mode, "Somebody please find it!")
Another major happening in my life, a huge move home to Canada.  We've been in Australia for 3.5 years and as sad as it will be to leave this beautiful country and my, even more beautiful, friends, it's time to head for home to be with our much missed family. We have about 6 months to sell everything, including the house, and pack up our most precious items to be sent home. Right now we are in the process of painting the house inside and out and making plans for the execution of operation "Canada Bound".  So needless to say, all of these grand, exciting, plans need to be looked at realistically, and reality is telling me it will be hard to be doing any sewing or creating with a sewing machine that is soon to be listed on ebay and scissors and rotary cutters that will be packed in cardboard boxes to be shipped home to the motherland.
It seems as though I have been motivated and inspired in an ambitious direction, only realize that plan can only be followed slowly....  and in bits and pieces. I need to try and get some sewing done and patterns created, because soon much of the work will only be able to be done on my computer.  I suppose this could include blogging.  (Which is more or less just journaling when you don't have any followers. ;)  And... I just winked to myself, how sad.)
Big question: What sewing machine will I buy upon my return to Canada?
Thanks for reading, Janelle


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