May 29, 2012

Pattern Giveaway and a SNAKE!

First, a little anecdote from today:
Today my son, Jace, went to the Australia Zoo for his grade 1 field trip.  The zoo is only about 15 minutes from our house and we've been lucky to go a few times while living in Australia, but today was pretty special to him, because he got to see it with all of his little school friends.  
When asked what his favorite part of the day was, he said "I saw leopards!  And Crocs!  But the best part was a huge snake that could eat a WHOLE KID!"  "Really?" I said, "a whole kid?"  "Yup, not half a kid, but a WHOLE kid."   I see that learning about halves and whole items in math class is sinking in, good to know.  Anyway, I checked the website and found out about the new Albino Burmese Python.... and at 14feet long and 45kg, yes I think it could indeed eat a whole kid!  I'm not partial to snakes, but look at that color!

Image Source:

On to the pattern giveaway!    
When I released my last two patterns, I held a pattern giveaway on Facebook right when I listed my bag in the shop.  Well, I listed my Steph In The City bag two days ago, and didn't post a pattern giveaway.  I don't know what I was thinking.  So I posted one this morning over on my Facebook page.   If you haven't commented on the post yet, get over there!  If you have already purchased the Steph pattern, no worries, I will refund the money for your pattern purchase if you are one of the THREE winners.  The winners will be picked using the random generator at on Thursday at 10:00 am, EST Australia.  Hmm... roughly 38 hrs from now.  I'm getting a great response from this pattern, and I do think it's my best one yet. I'd love to hear what you think!

The Step In The City Bag tried and tested at Zaaberry:

Photo Courtesy of Zaaberry
This is Ruby from Zaaberry's Steph In The City Bag.  Doesn't it just scream out "hot Summer stroll on the beach boardwalk" to you?  Well, it might also whisper "shopping at the morning market" too.

Ruby, along with Roselee from Jane of all Trades, was kind enough to trial and test my sewing pattern and extreme short notice.  They provided me with some suggestions on how to tweak my pattern and I'm extremely grateful.  There are plenty of other pictures of this bag, inside and out, on Ruby's blog, and while you are there - please have a look at her tutorials.  You might remember Ruby from last week, she hosted an Emmaline Pattern giveaway on her blog and it received a lot of interest.  Thank you, Ruby - you are a gem!  OH I REALLY, HONESTLY DIDN'T PLAN THAT!  

Thank you, for stopping by...

May 27, 2012

A New Sewing Pattern: The Steph In The City Bag

The Steph In The City Bag in Herringbone Wool
The Steph In The City Bag:   After many hours of sewing, testing, writing and rewriting, The Steph bag is ready!  My wonderful pattern testers, Ruby (from Zaaberry) and Roselee (from Jane of all Trades) have stitched up some gorgeous cotton bags and gave me a very generous pattern review.  (I will be sharing their photos in a future post.)  After some tweaking and re-organizing, and self pep-talks for the designer, I am ready to list it in my shop.

I have to say, I LOVE IT!  I can't wait to get sewing some of these Steph In The City bags.  In my head I've designed them in wool, tweed, jean, canvas and cotton chevrons.  I've got them with studs, without studs, with buttons on the belt, with a leather belt from an "upcycled" leather belt, with vinyl straps, and belts in contrasting fabric.  I've got them all, all... planned.  Yes, they are all planned, but not sewn - as I can't sew for a few months.  But yes, I've got them all ready to go in my head.  And as soon as I move to the other side of the world.... SEWING!!!

UPDATE:  Get your Steph In The City Bag Hardware kit HERE! 

The Steph In The City Bag in Amy Butler's Disco Flower Print

The STEPH IN THE CITY Bag is just the perfect sized shoulder bag!  With it’s attractive pleats, and belt detail - it looks pretty stylish and the possible looks with different fabrics, rings, and even studs, are endless.  Try a contrasting belt or even a leather one.  With the adjustable strap, use it as a cross body bag.

The Steph In The City Bag made in cotton canvas with nickel stud accents.

Customize this pattern with different pockets and openings.   Included are instructions for a magnetic closure, a zipper opening, a zipper pocket, and a double slip pocket.  This pattern suits an experienced beginner to an advanced sewer.

Choose your bag opening, a zipper or magnet closure.

The Steph In The City pattern includes 100+ full color photos and diagrams, and full size pattern pieces with seam allowances included.  All measurements are in both metric and imperial

I'll teach you how to make your pockets, step by step!!

This is my new favorite Autumn or Winter bag.  I can see it with my black boots and jeans!

If you would like to glance at the materials list and the rest of the info, it's included in the details over my online shop
Please remember, I love seeing your finished projects.  I truly do.  It's all part of knowing that when someone makes an Emmaline bag and loves their own work, and stands back and says "Wow, I made that!", that I had something to do with that.  I love that feeling.  So please share on my flickr group, or simply by email.
Thank you for looking!

May 24, 2012

Featured At sewVery: A Pattern Review

Ok this post is totally self-serving.  More than usual....  Because I am so thrilled!  Right now my ego would be about 11 out of 10 on the big chart of ego, if there was one.  I'm going to own it though, and enjoy it.  Lego my ego, let me have it!

Veronica at sewVery, wrote the most lovely things about my Emmaline Bag pattern and I'm truly very grateful and feeling very honored.  I'm so glad she was able to make her bag up just the way she wanted it, and I'm so pleased she had no troubles.  This is what I'm after, this is my goal!  I want ladies to make things they never knew they could make, make them easily, and be very proud and happy with their end result.  That is what I want.  Wear your gorgeous, summery handbag with pride, Veronica.  It's beautiful, well made and looks fab!   

Please visit Veronica's blog and peek at her sewing tutorials too, it's time well spent.  Thank you Veronica!

Nice job on the zipper pocket!

Thank you for looking!

May 22, 2012

Emmaline Bag Sightings! Lovely bags...

I've just spotted some wonderful Emmaline Bags in some Etsy shops.  What a thrill to find these gorgeous bags out there for sale.  I love the fabric choices and I'm pretty proud that these wonderful seamstresses have chosen my Emmaline pattern to sell in their shops.

Here is Melinda's version, made up in some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric and contrasting jean bag straps.  Melinda, lives over in Perth, Western Australia.  You can find her shop, Millie Mollie Mandies Bag Emporium, and more bag photos HERE

Click to Enlarge
Susie at Susie's Creations by Richie416, had made up two really beautiful Emmaline bags in fabrics that just make me want to fly directly to France (a dream of mine) with her bags in tow.  Susie is from Islip, New York, and her Etsy shop is HERE.

And another of Susie's Emmaline Bags:

Wow... I think I'll try to find some more!  Oh please share your bags with me!  Some day in the near future, I might actually get around to putting that "Share Page" together.  In the mean time, please share your bags in my Flickr group.  The link is in the upper right corner of this blog.  You see that little box with the blue and red dots?  Click there!

Thank you for looking!!

May 21, 2012

Woop! Woop! Purse Palooza 2012!!

Sara from Sew Sweetness has put together an UNBELIEVABLE event called Purse Palooza 2012. You must check it out... bag pattern reviews, tutorials, contests, prizes... HEAPS of prizes. This seriously looks like a lot of fun, and it's KILLING me that I can't sew a precious stitch during it. I can't, you see, because my sewing machine is sold and my supplies are packed and ready for their trip to Canada.  But you can... here is your ticket!

Sew Sweetness

Here is what Sara has to say about her event:

Announcing Purse Palooza 2012!!

I have put together a fun event to get you sewing a purse for the summer! Here's how it works:
1. Every weekday in June, I have 2 amazing guest bloggers scheduled to share with you a purse sewing pattern review. The review will contain detailed information about what they thought about the sewing pattern, modifications they made, what kind of interfacing they used, and more! Get inspired!

2. Even more exciting...
THERE WILL BE A GIVEAWAY EVERY WEEKDAY IN JUNE! That's right, 20 GIVEAWAYS! Your Giveaway Fairy Godmother is Kim from My Go-Go Life - she has some unbelievable giveaways planned!
3. At the end of the event, you will get a chance to show me your purse in order to win some amazing prizes!

Sounds pretty good?  Go check out all of those PRIZES.
I may not be able to sew, but I can still be a part of it in some way, and to be honest, I'm really feeling honored that I was even asked.  My Emmaline Bag pattern is going to be reviewed on June 19th by Joanna from Shape Moth.  Joanne is an unbelievably talented textile artist from Germany.  She does some beautiful work, and I mean beautiful!  Not only does she make gorgeous paper piecing, but please, please look at this purse with applique, embroidering, painting, etc. HERE.   While I can't wait to see how she makes up the Emmaline Bag, I can't help but be a little nervous at her review.  Shakin' in me boots, mate.  I am also one of the prize sponsors, providing a 3 Pattern Pack of my PDF ePatterns for one of the winners.

I know where I'll be every day of June!  (After I get back from holidays... and... maybe during holidays too, when I get free wifi at McDonalds, of course.  If you are reading this, Jenny Craig, I will not be eating at McDonalds - just using their Wifi.)

I think I'd like to leave you with this beautiful... French... ooh la la, bouquet of flowers from The Graphics Fairy.

May 15, 2012

A Linky Party and Pattern Giveaway!

This week Emmaline Bags & Patterns is being featured at Tales of a Trophy Wife for this weeks giveaway.   Tara has a Teardrop Bag pattern up for grabs. So while you link up your own favorite project at her Linky Party, put your name in for the Teardop Bag Beach bag pattern. Great for an advanced beginner.  It now has an option (included in the pattern) for a zipper opening too.  The smaller version would make a great dance bag, overnight bag and now with the zipper opening, a great diaper bag.

Remember, there is also an Emmaline Bag pattern giveaway on now at Zaaberry... and I think this will be my last feature or giveaway for a long while so get in on them while you can!

Watch for my new pattern release next week: The Steph In The City Bag.
Thanks for stopping by!

May 14, 2012

AMAZE-ing Tutorials and a Pattern Giveaway at Zaaberry!

Pattern Giveaway at Zaaberry!!
I am proud to say that Ruby from Zaaberry pattern tested my Emmaline Bag pattern and her handbag turned out so gorgeous!  I kind of wanted to beg her to send it to me...  ahem... I figured that would be kind of silly though, so I didn't!  I've just sent her my next bag pattern for her to pattern test,  the Steph In The City Bag, and I can't wait to see what she does with it.  I didn't hesitate for a second when Ruby asked if she could use one of my sewing patterns for a giveaway.  Um... YA!  I'd like to share a pattern with one of Ruby's readers, if they like her sewing as much as I do - we have something in common don't we?  She's got an Emmaline Bag pattern up for grabs right now, you just have to enter.   Please do!  The contest runs until Friday.   If you've already got that particular pattern, you can check out her gorgeous versions of the bag.

A Bit about Ruby:

If you haven't been over to Zaaberry yet, please pop over and see the magic that is coming out of this girl's sewing machine.  (Oh, and her oven.)  Seriously, Ruby is such a fantastic seamstress.  Recently, she won the Reader's Choice Award during the Spring Top Sew-Along held by Made-by-Rae.  Her Simple Pleats top, is just stunning.  It doesn't end there, check out her ETSY shop for baby and children's wear.

Look at this! Do you have a little one in need of a cute swimsuit?  You can make one yourself with Ruby's super cute swimsuit tutorial. It's brilliant!

And how about a cute messenger bag... this is awesome too.  Love it!

Mmmmm... Gotta make these.

Cheddar Sage Biscuits

Please spend a some time going through Ruby's Tutorials and her posts.  There is everything from dishcloths, to Christmas decorations, to lunch totes.  Oh and Recipes! I'm sure you will find several things you have to make or... beg someone to make you.  While you are there, enter the draw for an Emmaline Bag pattern.

Thank you for reading,

May 10, 2012

New Shoulder Bag Pattern SNEAK PEEK!

I've officially stitched my last stitch in Australia...  my sewing machine will soon be going to it's new home, and so will I.  Our move home to Canada is getting closer and closer.  I will soon blink and it will be August 22nd.  I will be kissing these palm trees good-bye but kissing my much missed family hello.  Bitter-sweet.

I've just wrapped up my Steph In The City Bag, named after my beautiful daughter.  I do hope she loves it!  This shoulder bag is made with an adjustable strap, and a zipper or magnetic snap opening.   It has a couple of pocket choices as well.  Oh, and the measurements are both imperial and metric throughout the whole pattern.  I think this would look fabulous this summer in a Riley Blake chevron!!!

These are not the final pictures!  Just a sneak peek... I really hope to take some great pics that will show how much nicer this shoulder bag is in person.  Perhaps a job for tomorrow.  I think a photo shoot with Steph, herself... in the city... is in order, but that will have to wait until I get home.

I hope you like the bag, and it's pleats.  I must admit, the pleats were my starting inspiration.  I just had to make some pleats that angled out like that at the bottom - and the rest of the bag just developed from there.  It seams my bag patterns have a pleat theme.... not planned!!

Tell me what you think!!!

For Spring or Summer?  An Amy Butler cotton...

For Winter with a black wool coat?  A lovely Herringbone wool blend.

For school or university?  A sturdy canvas... from Ikea :)

I think for Autumn, Plaid - paired with a great pair of boots!
Thank you for looking.

UPDATE! Get you Steph Hardware kit HERE!


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