September 7, 2012

Melted Icecream Cupcakes - Nailed it! Fail...

Well... you work with what you have when you are on birthday party time restraints. These ice-cream cone cupcakes do NOT look like the pretty ones I found on Pinterest, but the boys at my son's birthday didn't care and the birthday boy LOVED them, so that is all that matters!!

What mine looked like:

What they are supposed to look like:

What they are SUPPOSED to look like!!!
Apparently, you are not supposed to over-fill the ice-cream cones with cake batter, you only need to fill them about half-way.

Also, having a mixer would have helped make the batter rise a bit.  (I had already sold ours at our pre-move garage sale...)

They were supposed to have white icing to look like ice-cream, I decided to go with an "accidently on purpose" melted ice-cream cone, so pulled off the big globs of batter, left a few that looked like drips and I piped with chocolate.  Genius or.... hilarious!?   Well, I laughed!

Then I had to figure out to get them to the party with no trays to set them in (also sold at previous garage sale).  I got really smart and put them in my broiler pan that goes in the oven with some plastic wrap over top.  The first corner I took on my way to the party location, a gorgeous park near by, converted rows of orderly cones into what looked like a chocolate porcupine!  What a mess, chocolate everywhere!  Luckily, I brought a knife to the party and my husband pulled them all apart and re-spread the icing.  I have learned of some neat tricks since:  You can cut holes in the bottom of an inverted aluminum disposable roasting pan or a cereal box to put them in, or you can but a tray especially for ice cream cone cupcakes (which I haven't found yet).

What a mess, but they tasted good!

If you have any other tips or cone stories - I'd love to hear them!!!
Would I do them again?  Yes!  They were a hit and very yummy, but I think I should stick to sewing...


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